Need for health-care personalization

One of the key health trends we’ll continue to follow in 2021 is the flood of medical and personal data that, if managed and analyzed properly, could help health care organizations provide better care, life sciences companies deliver better therapies and individuals make smarter lifestyles choices.

While this sounds great, there is some controversy on whether personal health knowledge, such as the genetic risk for disease and the effects of environmental and lifestyle effects, influences behavior.

Individuals self-determination is key to the success of preventive health care

Personalized and preventive medicine is the way of the future in health care, and there’s a lot of demand for reliable and actionable data to help people take control of their health.

Call us pessimistic, but we agree that people’s past inaction was due to the quality of the knowledge they got and how they received it, rather than a lack of motivation to better their health.

Diet, exercise, sleep, mental well-being, vitamins, and other lifestyle decisions and their effect on our health are continuously bombarded with knowledge and advertisements. It’s difficult to separate wise decisions from marketing advertising because it’s so distracting.

Consider what it would be like if the medical community could provide us with accurate, personalized knowledge about the improvements we could make to improve our health and extend our lives.

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